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SYNDICATE - (Self-titled)
An advance copy of a soon to be released 8 track album, this is one brutally constructed metal masterpiece. Self confessed similarities between themselves & the music of Korn & Tool, this comparison is well-founded, with some absolutely scorching metal finding its way onto the CD. A California based 3 piece, the band is fronted by Robert Gaston, whose vocals are a standout on this, as are the astonishing bass, lead guitar & drumwork found here.
Perhaps the most unusual thing on this album is the instrumental track "No Idea", second from the end of the album, something of a change from the rest of the album. While a couple of the tracks such as "You" & "I Want To Forget"' stray into the lighter end of metal (if that's possible), others like the amazing closing number "Blind" have the right amount of unbridled aggression & musicianship to carry it off brilliantly. Opener "Empty Stare" is yet another album highlight in a CD full of them, but the absolute zenith of the band's abilities arrives early on with "Excuse", which is one of the best metal tracks I have come across in a while, reminding me of the quite awesome You Again from Shihad. Any metal fan will go ballistic to hear more once they check out any of the music found here.
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